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Orlando Father’s Rights Attorney

If you are a father facing divorce or separation and you fear that your time with your children is at risk, it may be time to hire a father’s rights lawyer. A paternity lawyer will fight for your right to your children, whether that means more time with them, joint custody, or primary custody. Too often, fathers are alienated from their own children by either the court system or by the other parent.

Paternal rights are important and a relationship with your children will help them to grow and feel loved – which is why fighting for that relationship is key. At Grigaltchik & Galustov, we are qualified father’s rights attorneys that will ensure that you remain a part of your child’s life for as long as possible. No matter what capacity you currently hold in your child’s life, there are ways to increase your time.

Too often, the odds are against dads who want to have equal access to their children. This can be especially true in cases of more than one child. For the best advice for paternity cases, father’s rights issues, and other family matters, call our team today to learn how we can help.

Best Interests of Your Child

In any and all custody cases, whether they have to do with father’s rights or not, it is important that everything works toward the best interests of the child. Our job is to work closely with the father so that we can prove that he is the most capable person to take care of or provide for the child – or at least on an equal level with the other parent.

We will work to establish that you can provide the following:

  • A safe, dependable home where your child is safe and comfortable;
  • A nurturing, supportive relationship where you put your child’s needs first;
  • An active involvement in the personal interests of the child, including school, sports, friendships, and other activities;
  • Dependable financial support for basic needs and beyond; and
  • A positive influence on the child as he or she develops and ages.

In many circumstances, the father is able to provide all of the above without rehabilitation or changes to his life. In those cases, we will fight to ensure that your child has that relationship with you. In cases where you have to make some changes, we can work with you throughout that entire process and then help show the courts that you are making the change.

Father’s Rights in Florida

In the past, it was assumed that children would be better off if they lived with their mothers. While views are changing, it still seems to be that fathers get less time with their children. Florida courts do recognize the importance of that relationship, which is why fighting for that time can mean all the difference, especially in some of the courts where minds haven’t changed or people are stuck doing what they always did.

This is good news for someone who has a great father’s rights attorney on their side. The ultimate concern is always going to be the child and what is best for him or her – and this is true in all aspects of father’s rights, from visitation to child custody to child support. However, you have to fight harder and have a great team on your side. At Grigaltchik & Galustov, we have vast experience fighting for paternity rights in Orlando.

From the start, the actions that you take will set the stage in your role as a father and your involvement with your child’s life. If they see you fighting, they are likely to take a favorable view of you. The Grigaltchik & Galustov law firm will help you advocate for what you need.

Our team will represent you during a divorce to ensure that your rights are upheld or during a review of your custody arrangement to help you get what you need. We believe in fairness and the sharing of time and parental responsibility.

Even more than lawyers and attorneys, we are experienced mediators and negotiators that will come up with the best arrangements for everyone involved.

Unmarried Paternity Rights in Orlando, FL

If you weren’t married to the other parent of your children, it can be that your father’s paternal rights aren’t as innate as they can be. Instead, you have to work harder to protect your rights, typically with the help of a strong lawyer.

The first step is establishing your paternity, which goes beyond having your name on your children’s birth certificate. You may have to undergo paternity testing to prove your bloodlines.

Once your paternity has been established, then you may seek the parenting plan that you desire by navigating the Florida court system. The plan has to go through the system and you will still have to fight for all of it. This will become the plan that you must use to navigate your relationship with the other parent, pay child support, and even see your children.

Some of the parts of the plan include visitation and custody, child support costs, health care, education, religious upbringing, and even relocation.

Our law firm can help you to establish paternity in the proper manner and then represent you in securing a new parenting plan, visitation rights, and establishing child support.


If you are facing contempt, it means that a motion has been filed because you didn’t follow a court order. You can also file a motion of contempt against someone else. In father’s rights cases, it typically means that someone didn’t follow visitation rights, child support agreements, marital settlements, or some other court order.

Most often, these cases come because one parent is preventing access to the children.

Visitation and Child Support

If a parent without visitation from the child that is paying child support, that person is not able to withhold child support payments. In that case, the child support payer can file a contempt motion. If a person is not paying child support, you cannot cut that person off from seeing his or her child either. Do not try to “get back” at one parent. Instead, do what you are suppose to do and contact a father’s rights lawyer to handle the rest of it. We will fight to get you what you need from the other parent.

Filing a Contempt Motion

There are two different type of contempt that you can file: civil or criminal. A civil contempt motion asks the court to to order the parent to comply and may charge a fine or some sort of other punishment. In cases of keeping a child away, the court typically schedules make-up time.

Criminal contempt is a heightened civil contempt – it is what happens when there aren’t any results. This motion shows the court that all previous attempts have failed and that the parent isn’t changing. This motion can result in a stricter punishment, like jail time or licensing revocation.

Child Involvement

No matter what happens, never bring your child into an argument. It will reflect badly on you and in several counties in Florida, there are standing orders that warn against bringing children into adult matters. This is because it can be called alienating your child from the other parent, which can be grounds to change the parental agreement. Once again, the child’s best interests are taken into consideration here.

Representing Father’s Rights in Orlando, FL

When you need an Orlando, FL father’s rights lawyer that is known for protecting the rights and relationships of fathers and their children, contact Grigaltchik & Galustov today. The sooner, the better at fighting for your rights.

We can help you to fight for equal parenting time, including removing barriers to your child and ensuring that the amount of child support that you pay is fair. We will handle all legal matters that are associated with the fight for father’s rights, including establishing and contesting paternity, physical and legal custody, visitation, support, adoption, and more.

Call Grigaltchik & Galustov at (407) 501-6679 today for a Free Consultation with a Father’s Rights Attorney.