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Orlando Child Custody Lawyer

Divorce is difficult on everyone involved, and your children are often the ones with the most questions and insecurities. They don’t understand what is happening, why it is happening, or how it will affect them. Preparing yourself for Child Custody Hearings is vital so that you can move the process along as quickly as possible to minimize those feelings of uncertainty within your children.

There are 2 components of Child Custody. The first aspect is Parental Responsibility. This is where the Court will determine the decision making obligation of each Parent. This is almost always determined to be an equal split between the two Parents, however there can be circumstances where one parent has the ability to make a final decision regarding major issues such as education and healthcare.

The next component is Time Sharing. This is how much time with the child each Parent is given, and the distribution of that time. There is no standard for this anymore, and is determined completely on a case by case basis. The Court takes into consideration the best interests of the child and the circumstances of each Parent to come up with the best possible resolution.

We want you to not only understand the process, but how to work toward your personal goals within the process. We believe in finding a solution that is both suitable and sustainable. We work with you to develop realistic expectations regarding the results of this process, and help to lay a foundation that can reduce future litigation and disagreements between Parents, and ultimately provide a safe and loving environment for your children.

Contact us now for a no obligation consultation with our Child Custody Experts and we can begin planning a better future for you and your children right away.