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Orlando Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you or your children are victims of Domestic Violence, or you believe there is an imminent threat that you will become victims, then it is imperative that you seek legal counsel to help you file an injunction. An injunction, commonly referred to as a restraining order, is intended to protect you from contact with those that you feel may harm you or your children.

When seeking an injunction, you will need to keep record of specific events and as much information about those events as you can. This will help your Family Law Attorney to more quickly determine what your best course of action is within the law, and can speed up the process of obtaining the injunction. The priority is the safety of you and your family, so fast action is paramount.

Acting quickly is also crucial if you have had an injunction filed against you or believe that one may soon be filed against you. Injunction hearings typically move through the Courts very quickly, so the more time you have to plan your defense, the better your chances are.

Whether you are a victim or the accused, we can help you to understand your rights and the rights of your family and children so that you can take the best course of action. Let’s work together to start a plan for your future, today.